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Buyer Information & Research

  • 85% of New Zealand property research is done online
  • 91% of New Zealanders use Google to search (1)
  • 78% of New Zealanders are online in any given month
  • You are online NOW
  • 819,000 New Zealanders visited a Real Estate website in November 2012 (2)
  • According to search engines for May 2013, taranakiharcourts.co.nz rates first in results online for more selected keywords than any other real estate group. This makes taranakiharcourts.co.nz  NUMBER 1 online  in Taranaki
  • Taranakiharcourts.co.nz is optimised for use on mobile devices – where more and more buyers are looking for real estate information
  • Harcourts Taranaki also list online with:
    • Realestate.co.nz                      85,000 visitors per month
    • Trademe.co.nz/property          111,640 average daily unique browsers
    • Harcourts.co.nz                        281,430 unique visitors May 2013; 2.2 million page  views per year
    • Open2view.co.nz                      PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY  - streamed to all our websites. 400,000 return visitors per month, 6 million  page views per month                                                 
  • There are various online features and spotlight options available on all these sites which enhance and focus buyer attention. The sites detailed above come standard with any Taranaki Harcourts Exlcusive listing. Your hard earned money is better spent on upsizing and highlighting your online presence than on here today,  gone tomorrow print advertising. Some basic print advertising is advisable – but your focus should be on providing a good presence online – that’s where most buyers are now looking.
(1) NBR 2010 Article quoting global market researcher Hitwise
(2) Nielsen Report 2012 ibid